Kyrgyz Zerger – jewelry house

7 Years of Success

Jewelry House “Kyrgyz Zerger” was established in 2012. Throughout its existence, the company has achieved great success and built strong brand awareness in Kyrgyzstan. Today, Kyrgyz Zerger is one of the largest domestic manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of jewelry.

100% of Trust

Kyrgyz Zerger’s keys to sustainable success are powerful production, exclusive design, and continuous widening of the product range. As a result, today, over 30 jewelry stores and boutiques, as well as their 200 local and international partners trust and work with the brand.

+ 3500 Thousands of models

Jewelry House “Kyrgyz Zerger” produces and offers more than 3500 jewelry made of silver with precious, semi-precious, and synthetic stones. The jewelry is designed in the national style and vividly represents unique Kyrgyz culture. Today, the Jewelry House is considered to be the largest manufacturer of ethnic jewelry in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Jewelry House “Kyrgyz Zerger” offers:

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